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Love vouchers - Because you are worth it all (ENG)

Love vouchers - Because you are worth it all (ENG)

Preço Normal: 10,95 €

Preço Especial: 5,47 €

Queres ser a primeira pessoa a saber quando estiver novamente

Don't know what gift to give him/her? Then give him/her everything. For insatiable couples or lovers, here are 20 truly original love vouchers.

For your partner to use on that special day or whenever they feel like. From classics like a good massage to more modern things like a night without your cell phones, or a crazy night and other racy ideas. No more “I ordered you something on the internet but it has not arrived yet” or the typical ugly handmade voucher. Here is a gift that is really 20 gifts in one.

Love is in the air and now it is in this book of vouchers too.

Size: 20,5 x 8,2 cm