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Wonderful Words Necklace - Keep smiling

Wonderful Words Necklace - Keep smiling
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You can do anything you want to with that smile of yours! Your smile should be prescribed to anyone and everyone for those not-so-great Mondays; for those traffic jams that last longer than the queue in the cinema for that long-awaited sequel; for those online orders that go to 67,493 different places before arriving on your doorstep; and for those sudden downpours just as you leave the hairdressers. If you smile at life, life will smile back at you in the biggest way possible with… great plans with your friends, on-the-fly adventures, and with huuuge tubs of chocolate ice cream for binge-watching series. So now you know it, get out there and give your biggest smile every day, you never know what could happen.
But if one day you forget, or life just ends up being a bit more complicated than usual, don’t worry! We’ve got this amazing necklace just for you! Space-themed, pretty and very motivational, this necklace, with its light-blue pendant and its simple but clear message will match perfectly with any outfit, and of course that smile of yours. It’s made of stainless steel which is a fantastic material to avoid allergy flare-ups and to ensure it lasts as long as possible. It’s the perfect gift for anyone (including yourself) to make any occasion that extra bit special.

46,5 x 1,5cm

Stainless steel necklace in bright gold and coloured enamel with a fastening clasp. Featuring the message “keep smiling”.

In order to best protect this product, it is advisable not to wet it with water.

Includes free elastic bracelet in a presentation box and exclusive bag from the collection