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Wireless headphones - Life is a song, sing it

Wireless headphones - Life is a song, sing it
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You could be on a “Highway to Hell”, on the train or bus, on Monday thinking “What’s the story (morning glory)” or getting ready to the sound of “Des-pa-cito” to go out with your friends on Friday night: wherever you are these wireless Bluetooth headphones will brighten up your day and carry the rhythm with you anywhere.
Show off your singing talent in the shower and take the music everywhere with you with these comfortable headphones and your favourite tunes blasting out. They are just what you need for any day of the week. If the day started overcast, sing your favourite playlist in the rain and everything will look brighter. If you are getting ready for a romantic dinner, get inspired by listing to ballads. And if you are going full out with work or exams, rev up your mood with some guitar solos.
Connect your headphones to your tablet, mobile phone, computer or mp3 player and dance to the music. And remember, life is a song, so sing your way through it.

- Size: 18 x 13 x 6 cm
- Over-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones compatible with iPod, iPhone, mp3 players, computers, laptops, netbooks, game consoles and mobile phones.
- Do not expose to high temperatures or places with high humidity.