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Wireless charger – My milkshake brings all the phones to charge

Wireless charger – My milkshake brings all the phones to charge
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If there are two things in the world that everybody loves, it's a deliciously creamy milkshake (the type you have to use all your strength to suck it up the straw for) and a fully charged phone. Here at Mr. Wonderful, we know that these are two of the most important things in life and thought we'd combine the two! Here, we have a fantastic milkshake-shaped wireless charger that will keep your phone or any other devices charged whenever you need to (if you remember to charge it up that is) leaving you with more time to actually get that milkshake up and out of the straw and have a good ol' chinwag with your friends. The super cute design will have everyone falling in love with it and you'll be the envy of all your mates. Not only that, but this wireless charger is super practical since it's so thin and lightweight, you'll be able to fit it in any bag or even pocket and carry it around with you wherever you go. Never be without charge again and keep on top of all your Instagram posts so your friends are never left without a picture of your milkshake again! Check it out!

7,5 x 1 cm

- Wireless Charger Milkshake
- Input: 5V/1-2.0A
- Output: 5V/1A
- Compatible with iPhone8 or later Samsung S8 and later and other QI compatible devices