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Winged heart keyring - You have a great big heart (ENG)

Winged heart keyring - You have a great big heart (ENG)
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We know it is love at first sight because this key-ring warms hearts and makes our house keys look like they are made for mansions … But we are not sure whether the secret to their charm lies in their soft, squidgy feel, which makes you want to squeeze them tight to make time fly by faster while you are waiting for a reply to that message you just sent to that special person; or perhaps its beautiful design, capable of making us sigh with longing to carry it with us everywhere: in our handbag, hanging from our backpack or adding a personal touch to that suitcase or travel bag that uncomplainingly accompanies us to anywhere in the world.

Size: 7 x 4.8 x 4.1 cm
Squishy, stress-ball-type keyring, made of polyurethane. Perfect for organising your keys or for attaching to your handbag as a bag charm.