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Weekly organiser to help you really ace things

Weekly organiser to help you really ace things

The most sought-after Mr. Wonderful organiser; a classic among classics: with a landscape orientation, pages you can tear out, and a simple but practical design that is 100% Wonder-esque and motivation for you to start each day with a smile.
Perfect for those who want to see their whole week laid out at once and especially little ones who can really make the most of how simple it is to use and how quickly you can go from one week to the next. It comes with four adorable designs that are repeated throughout its 60 pages, which makes it seem like a different product every time and makes each week unique.  It's ideal for you to be able to see all the tasks you have to do between Monday and Friday at once, and, be able to see what a cracking weekend awaits you. After all, vaierty is the spice of life.
And if that wasn't enough, it comes with 4 sheets pf our super cute and super practical stickers, so you can personalise it to your taste and give a bit of colour to the tasks you have to do. It makes a fantastic gift for someone else as well as a little treat for yourself.

- 60 pages
- 4 repeated page designs
- 4 sheets of stickers
- Glue bindingv
- Horizontal layout

Weekly organiser
Weekly organiser to help you really ace things