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Watch Wonderful Time - IPG & grey

Watch Wonderful Time - IPG & grey
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There’s never a bad moment for you to get the party started. Whether it’s at home or not, on your own or with others, you’re one of those people who don’t need much to get you going whatever time of day it is. With that Wonderful attitude of yours you deserve an accessory just like this, one that really suits you down to the ground. That’s why our team has designed this incredible watch with plenty of love, all while thinking about people who are as incredible as you are. The results speak for themselves – just look at this amazing watch. It’s a must-have for anyone who’s ready to have the time of their life, any time. Elegance is the word of the day thanks to its white and gold colour shade design and its synthetic leather strap and buckle. It is easy to adjust, put on and take off, even though with how practical and cute it is (and you’ll see how it will go with everything), we’re sure you’ll never want to take it off anyway! That’s why, wherever you go (and even if you arrive fashionably late, let’s be honest we know what we’re like) you’ll be able to know what time it is and make sure that the perfect time to get the party started doesn’t pass you by.

- Size: 23, 5 x 3 cm
- Watch with a synthetic leather strap with normal buckle and a watch face with white and gold features.
- Message written: "It's party o'clock"
- Includes presentation box and exclusive bag from the collection.