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Watch Shine and Smile

Watch Shine and Smile
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What’s the time you ask? It’s the perfect time for you to get out there and shine! You manage to turn any bad day on its head much faster than the time it takes for the second hands on your watch to creep past. All you need to do is smile and voilà… the day’s already much brighter! And for people like you who give off great energy and happiness 24/7, we’ve designed this gorgeous watch. Wonderful people like you deserve a Wonderful watch and one that we’ve created with lots and lots of love, for you to feel every time you wear it and every time that second hand moves. You’re going to love its design, but you’re going to love its top-quality finishing touches even more. This is a watch with a rose-gold stainless steel chain strap and a discrete and elegant heart on the watch face making it the most beautiful and lovely piece of jewellery for any personal collection. Made in line with the latest fashion trends this watch will look fantastic with both your casual and formal looks, it’s a must for any occasion and will soon become your favourite go-to piece. All-in-all, it’s a beautiful accessory that’s the perfect complement to anything and everything, just like your smile!

- Size: 23, 5 x 3 cm
- Watch with a rose-gold stainless steel chain strap featuring a discrete Mr. Wonderful-style heart.
- Includes presentation box and exclusive bag from the collection.