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Watch - Make today amazing

Watch - Make today amazing

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Make today an incredible day. Because every minute counts and time is solid gold, you have to live every moment to the max. This watch will be great for those intense times when you barely know what day it is. But at least you will always know what time it is!

Because even at the weekend you no doubt have a thousand and one things to do. From meeting up with your family for lunch, spending time with your sweetheart or with your friends at a festival. Not to mention finding time to go to the hairdresser's, read a bit or go to the gym.

Don't arrive late anywhere and always know what time it is with this stylish watch. Because good things are worth waiting for, but not too much, hey? Being five minutes late is fair enough but no more saying “I'm on my way” when you're actually just getting out of the shower! So don't waste a single second without knowing what time it is and strap on that pretty watch you will wear to a Sunday morning drink with friends, an informal dinner with the girls or even a date with the upstairs neighbour.

Size:Length: 23 cm // Ø 4 cm
Material: Synthetic leather (polyurethane) watch.