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Vanity bag - I always travel filled with joy! (ENG)

Vanity bag - I always travel filled with joy! (ENG)
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When you have a trip coming up, you feel like jumping for joy! It does not matter where you are headed, you are bound to find incredible places and delicious food and come back with a thousand and one stories to tell. The only annoying thing about travelling is not having all your thousands of creams with you and having to use the shower gel from the hotel you are staying in or, worse, getting there and not knowing which bottle is gel and which is shampoo.
That is all in the past now because our new super practical transparent toiletries bag has arrived with refillable transparent plastic bottles and pots for you to put your favourite products in. Plus, the sizes are just right so you won't have to check them in and waste hours and hours in the airport queue.
It comes with three transparent bottles with a cap or spray dispenser, one with 80 ml capacity, two x 50 ml, and they measure 4 x 11 cm. Perfect for taking your shampoo so wherever you go you have advert-quality hair, a bottle for your favourite gel so you can keep singing in the shower, another bottle for your favourite perfume and two pots for your creams with 15 g capacity, measuring 4 x 3 cm each. So wherever you go, you will have it in the bag!

- Toileteries bag: 18.5 x 13.5 x 5.5 cm
- 3 transparent bottles with a cap or a spray dispenser.
- Capacities: 80 ml / 50 ml / 50 ml. Measures: Ø4 x 11cm / 2 pots for creams: 15 gr, measure: Ø4 x 3cm