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Trip album - Let’s get lost somewhere together

Trip album - Let’s get lost somewhere together
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Setting out on a trip is such a good feeling. Leaving home with your bag on your back, full of excitement about what is to come. Having thousands of adventures, discovering new places, mistakenly ordering something you thought was chicken but when it arrives you are not sure what it is... But coming home is not so exciting and always a bit sad: unpacking, loading up the washing machine and starting normal life again.

The only way to make it less painful to go back to your routine is to remember the places you went and what a good time you had. Which is why we have created this amazing album so you can keep the memory of your trip alive. It is specially designed so you can put all your great times in it, store the treasures you collect and organise all the photos you took during your last adventure. Ideal for banishing post-holiday blues!

- A 64-page 21.5 x 14 cm album.
- Pages to record the most exciting bits of your trip and stick all your photos on.
- A pocket to keep all the treasures and tickets from your trip in.
- 8 sheets with 182 stickers for you to decorate your album just the way you like.