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Travel set Lovely Streets - On my way to adventure

Travel set Lovely Streets - On my way to adventure
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Feeling right at home…anywhere you go! You love travelling, discovering new places, finding out about different cultures, trying out each and everyone of the local dishes (no matter how spicy they are) and, of course, feeling right at home wherever you go. Because a true globetrotter like you has that special gift: feeling relaxed and always, always like you belong. And to make the journey to your destination a more pleasant experience, we have a sleep mask and slipper set for an expert traveller.
The cushioned ballerina-style slippers will make you feel that your new favourite place in the world is just a step away and the sleep mask with an elastic strip will help you sleep so you get to your destination in the blink of an eye. You can keep it all safe and tidy in the zipped cotton pouch so you do not lose anything in your excess baggage. Put it straight on your list of essentials because we promise that the feeling you will get with this set is: hols, sweet hols.

Material: Polyester
- Slippers: 24 x 10.5 x 1 cm
- Sleep mask: 19 x 8 x 0.3 cm