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Travel Kit - Mini-spa for weekends away

Travel Kit - Mini-spa for weekends away
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You and I: we may be adventurers but we always look the part. Because we love going out in search of new, wondrous destinations to explore and adding more and more places to our travel bucket list, trying new restaurants and so on... even though later on we end up getting lost, however, that's not to say that we don't manage to find a belly laugh out of it that we remember every time we get together with friends. Now, when it comes to packing, there's one thing that our suitcase never goes without: a portable mini spa. In a nutshell, a wash bag that is so, so much more than just a vessel for your cosmetics.
This one comes with three practical mini bottles made of silicone, with an anti-drip lid and a 65ml capacity each. They are refillable and you can put your bath products, smellies or any other cosmetic items in comfortably, without worrying about a lotion explosion when you finally open you bag after a long flight. On top of all that, these bottles are suitable for hand luggage as they meet the liquid limit requirements set by airlines, so you can keep them handy at all times during your travels. Plus, PBA-free silicone means that the bottles are not only adorable, but there are no added nasties that could add anything other than TLC to your body. Globetrotters the world over are going to love this product!

PVC washbag with three soft, silicone bottles with anti-drip lids, perfect for travel and suitable for hand luggage liquid restrictions. Each bottle has a capacity of 65ml. All are reusable and refillable. BPA free.

Size: 19 x 16 x 6 cm