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Travel cup - Wake up and make your dreams come true

Travel cup - Wake up and make your dreams come true
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After a long search, comparing and trying different ones out, we have reached a conclusion … the fastest and most efficient mode of transport to take you straight to your dreams is: a unicorn! When you are riding on the back of the most fantastic and inspirational animal in the world, you see everything differently. Challenges become much simpler and your goals seem so close you could almost touch them. And if you make the most of the ride to savour your favourite coffee or tea in this beautiful porcelain cup, the effect is even more amazing. Because it is a beautiful mug with a take-away format, an inspirational message and a silicone top that lets you carry it wherever you want so you can have a morning or afternoon drink in the best of company.

- Description: White porcelain cup with blue silicone lid.
- Cup instructions: Microwavable and suitable for dishwashers.
- Lid instructions: Not microwavable and hand washing recommended.
- Cup capacity: 33 cl.