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Transparent glitter case for iPhone XS - Unicorns

Transparent glitter case for iPhone XS - Unicorns
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Admit it, you see a unicorn and you go crazy with excitement. So, we can only imagine your face when you saw the number of unicorns floating in this transparent glitter phone case suitable for iPhone X/XS. Well, after seeing that it was compatible with your smartphone, the day couldn't have gone any better, could it? Because having an awesome phone that you can use to take selfies until you're blue in the face, and a battery that will last for hours on end is important; almost as important as keeping it protected against scratches and scrapes and potential screen-cracking disaster. That's where this fantabulous phone case comes in.

Transparent phone case with glitter and floating unicorns, compatible with iPhone X and XS. Not only that, it also comes with 6 super cool stickers!