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Pack of 5 greeting cards - "Wonder tips"

Pack of 5 greeting cards - "Wonder tips"
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A selection of 5 wonder advice greetings cards, ready to be written and given. We have greetings cards for every occasion, like when you want to cheer your brother up when he’s feeling down, or want to wish your soul mate a good journey when she’s going to live abroad, or feel like telling your loved one that being different is what makes you the perfect couple.

-Being rich is not having the most, but having what you need.
-Treat yourself – you’re worth it!
-It’s not about being the same, but about making a great team!
-There’s always a rainbow after the rain, it’s just a question of weathering the storm.
-However far away, I will always be part of your luggage.

Each greetings card comes with a Kraft envelope so you can seal the message inside.

-Card: 11 x 14 cm
-Envelope: 11.4 x 16.2 cm