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Super cool set for amazing notes

Super cool set for amazing notes
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If there's one thing to remember: the best thing about going back to school and starting the new academic year (apart from rejoining your classmates and friends, of course) is when you get to buy all your new school materials. Some people don't realise how important this moment really is, but it's when you decide exactly what your most essential tools are to help you get stuck in and get the best marks you possibly can. But here at Mr. Wonderful we understand the significance of finding practical, useful and adorable school supplies to make you feel motivated from the very beginning of the year until the very end.
So, that's why we've created a kit with all the people who are ready to give it their all when it comes to exams and general schoolwork in mind. This set contains exactly what you need to make sure your notes are the most brilliant notes around. Just make sure you're ready for all the extra attention. With this set, this school year is going to be yours for the taking.

This super cool kit contains:
- 1 pencil case
- 1 ruler
- 3 pencils
- 1 pencil sharpener
- 1 mini eraser
- 5 stickers

Keep away from sharp objects.
Avoid lengthy sun exposure to prevent colour fade.