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Super cute bottle opener - Avocado

Super cute bottle opener - Avocado
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Unexpected surprises, good news and dreams you achieve should all be celebrated by raising a toast with your favourite people, shouldn't they? So, cheers to that! And to make everything that little bit more special, we are releasing this bottle opener by Mr. Wonderful for Balvi which is not only adorable, but unique. And, on top of all that, it's practical, useful and a real must-have for any kitchen or party that's coming up soon. Whether you're a real, bona fide food lover or even someone who enjoys being able to put beautiful things on Instagram, this adorable avocado character will steal your heart and be the centre of attention among all your guests. Because it's a real show-stopper, wouldn't you agree?
And what if you already have a bottle opener? Why would you want to go and get another one like this? Well, to start with, we have absolutely no doubt that a bottle opener such as this one make the bottle opening process a lot more wonderful. And here are some occasions on which it'll be just what you need. For example, when your sibling finally moves out and has a housewarming, for which you need a gift to make them feel truly at home. Or, when your BFF achieves something fantastic and you want to toast to them and their capabilities. And finally, it's great for if you want to jazz up your halls of residence at uni, after all, many a bottle will be opened during your student years!

9,5 x 7 x 0,5 cm