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Sunglasses - Wild & Cool

Sunglasses - Wild & Cool
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"It has been shown beyond doubt that sunny days spread good vibes. The Beatles were ahead of the curve when they sang “Here comes the sun (glasses)”, as was JLo when she did some dance moves while singing the duet “Under the same sun”. And for you, while brightening your eyes, these sunglasses will help give you a different perspective on each day and give Friday rhythms to your Mondays. These sunglasses are so comfortable, beautiful and light that they will become your hallmark, just like Bono from U2, Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” and Keanu Reeves in “The Matrix”, but your paste sunglasses come with that influencer glamour and Friday attitude seven days a week.
With their polarized lenses and modern animal print, they will protect you from the sun and from reflections, although they can’t protect you from the admiring glances your coolness and style will attract with every step you take. You have been warned. These glasses also come with a case so you can take them with you wherever you go, and a cloth so you can keep them as neat and refined as the day you bought them. Come on, they just need to be 3D to have it all."

- Lens diameter: 5 cm
- Bridge: 1.4 cm
- Sidepiece length: 14.5 cm

- TAC Polarised lenses.
- Comes with a soft case and cleaning cloth.
- Clean with the cleaning cloth that comes with the glasses.