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Sunglasses - Surfer Blue

Sunglasses - Surfer Blue

You deserve a Mexican wave! That's right, you. Now get out there and surf it or watch it rolling in from the beach bar with your favourite drink in your hand. However you do it, enjoy the sun and all those amazing things summer brings. Like summer timetables, the chance to eat ice cream all day long, open-air cinema and a permanent good mood, even when you get caught in a sudden downpour.

But before the summer song goes to your head, put these sunglasses on and spread style wherever you go. These Surfer Blue sunglasses will look amazing with your informal, fresh and chic outfits. We have been inspired by the epic, timeless shapes of the sunglasses with the best look, but we have given them a touch very much our own specially for you: a gorgeous sky blue shade that will make everyone's eyes pop out of their heads.

- Lens diameter: 4.3 cm
- Bridge: 2.3 cm
- Sidepiece length: 14.5 cm

- Polarised lenses with a category 3 solar protection filter.
- Comes with a soft case and cleaning cloth.
- Clean with the cleaning cloth that comes with the glasses.

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Sunglasses - Surfer Blue