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Sunglasses - Rock

Sunglasses - Rock
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1, 2, testing, testing…Line up your favourite tunes and don't stop dancing all summer. Whether you are just popping down to the bakery, going for a walk around your neighbourhood or having a drink in a pavement cafe with friends, any moment is more special if there is music and sunshine. Get those hips swaying!

These sunglasses will fit you like a glove because you have style, rhythm and rock & roll flowing from every pore. The rectangular lenses and simple lines are the key to success that will make our Rock model more successful than the summer hit. Plus, you will see how amazing the geometric shapes look on you because they will accentuate your features and give your pretty face extra character and personality. These glasses are tremendously flattering and can be easily combined with any outfit you wear to any party.

- Lens diameter: 4.3 cm
- Bridge: 2.3 cm
- Sidepiece length: 14.5 cm

- Polarised lenses with a category 3 solar protection filter.
- Comes with a soft case and cleaning cloth.
- Clean with the cleaning cloth that comes with the glasses.