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Sunglasses - Divine Black

Sunglasses - Divine Black
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There are three things that make a celebrity recognizable: charisma, good looks and sunglasses. Be prepared for people asking you for autographs from now on, because the first two things you already have and now you have the third – these incredibly fashionable sunglasses. With these black paste glasses and a sea of glamour, you will look divine from morning until night (whether you have had three or nine hours sleep, you will always look good). Their polarized lenses protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, from reflections and from camera flashes (in each and every one of your 47 selfie attempts before you get the keeper), and with their class and elegance you will look like a front cover celebrity wherever you go.
And so your sunglasses always look as perfect as you and since they go with you everywhere, they come with a cute and practical case and a pretty little cloth. Don’t be fooled by the name: these Divine Black sunglasses can be worn in the sun and in the shade and they will look so good on you that you will take them off less often than a celebrity at an airport. Wouldn’t want to waste all that class!

- Lens diameter: 5.3 cm
- Bridge: 1.6 cm
- Sidepiece length: 14 cm

- TAC Polarised lenses.
- Comes with a soft case and cleaning cloth.
- Clean with the cleaning cloth that comes with the glasses.