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Sunglasses - Blue skyline

Sunglasses - Blue skyline
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According to a report we were told in confidence, just 10 minutes of sun, three days a week is enough to fill your banging body with vitamin D, stimulating your defences and helping you sleep better until the fifth time the alarm goes off and, most importantly, to smile – even on Mondays. And for you to get all of this every single week of the year and to also look fashionable from spring to winter, these new polarized sunglasses will become your best friends from now.
With more fans than summer songs, their rounded shape and modern and trendy frame, they are dedicated to your favourite colour: the beach turquoise of a little paradise island. And their polarized lenses will protect your eyes from all the sun’s rays whether you are on the beach, on a terrace with friends or taking a Sunday stroll through the city or during a weekend getaway. These sunglasses also come with a practical case and a cute little cloth so you can keep them looking as good as new and set trends. The only thing these polarized glasses cannot guarantee is that, when wearing them, you will not dazzle your partner when you get up close.

- Lens diameter: 5.2 cm
- Bridge: 2 cm
- Sidepiece length: 14 cm

- TAC Polarised lenses.
- Comes with a soft case and cleaning cloth.
- Clean with the cleaning cloth that comes with the glasses.