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Squishy plush keyring - Panda

Squishy plush keyring - Panda
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When you have bags under your eyes because you have been chatting with friends for longer than have waited for the final episode of Game of Thrones, sudden trips where you stay awake all night, never-ending family dinners, or binge-watching TV series that are more addictive than your BFF’s laughter, then those “panda” eyes should shine as you hold your head high and wear a smile from ear to ear. Because, even when you know tomorrow is going to be tough, life means enjoying the good times, the unforgettable experiences and savouring those one-of-a-kind moments.
So, give it your all and make the most of every moment: naps on the couch can wait. And to make you smile even early on a Monday morning, we present you with this super cute, original and adorable keyring. Use it so you can find your keys in your bag worthy of Mary Poppins, or use it as a decorative accessory on your rucksack. No matter what, this plush memory foam filled keyring is the best way to remember those bags under your eyes are worth it!

Keep away from sources of heat and sharp objects.
Do not expose the sun for a long time to prevent the colors from losing intensity.