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Squishy plush keyring - Cupcake

Squishy plush keyring - Cupcake
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We often don’t realise we’re surrounded by a ton of things that sweeten our days. A good morning text from your crush, a five-minute lie-in in the morning, flirting while waiting for the bus, a complicit glance with your best friend that says everything without words or that last slice of your favourite cake in the cafeteria. These small pleasures should be enjoyed slowly and savoured to the max.
Don’t forget this and you’ll see how lovely it is to live the sweet life, just as you ought to be doing! For the days when you need an Instagram filter to see things in a better light, we have a solution for you. This sweet plush keyring has a memory foam interior so you can squeeze it hard and get an instant family-size smile. It’s ideal for carrying your keys (we promise you’ll find them faster from now on) or to show off as a fashion accessory on your rucksack or elsewhere. Details sometimes go unnoticed, but they make life just a bit sweeter. Take a bite out life! And don’t forget dessert!

Keep away from sources of heat and sharp objects.
Do not expose the sun for a long time to prevent the colors from losing intensity.