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Squishy keyring - Milkshake

Squishy keyring - Milkshake
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Ice cream is always a good idea on good days and bad. Just like the popular song says: we all scream for ice cream. That’s why, for a pick-me-up on any day, to make time with friends even more special, or to forget the drama that’s driving you crazy, your favourite flavour of ice cream drowned in toppings and whipped cream is the best remedy, as has been proved by experts and the committee of geniuses that is your WhatsApp friends group.
Still, where there are automatic ice cream machines it’s not as easy to get one as we’d like. For precisely these occasions, all you need do is search for your keys in your bag, rucksack or purse and… there you have it! This super fun, sweet and original keyring will put a big smile on your face and give you an immediate energy boost (without the sugar). It’s made of PU so it’s squishy and soft to the touch. It’s fun to squeeze and no matter how much you squish it, it’ll always return to its original shape. Come on, it is undeniably sweet!

Keep away from sources of heat and sharp objects.
Do not expose the sun for a long time to prevent the colors from losing intensity.
Do not wash (stains can be removed by rubbing gently with a damp cloth).