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Speaker bluetooth waterproof - Donut

Speaker bluetooth waterproof - Donut
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Surely you agree with us, the best place to start singing at the top of your lungs is... of course, the shower! It is a moment in which we believe ourselves to be the kings and queens of pop and we do not care who can hear us. Therefore, it is the ideal place to hit the play button and listen to music to your heart’s content. Although, maybe you are more than putting on relaxing music to get out of the shower like new. Be that as it may, you will like this that we have here to teach you, a lot. Because it is a waterproof speaker, that is, it can get wet and still be as great as the first day. The water does not affect it at all, it is prepared so that it becomes part of your shower rituals without worrying about anything. In addition, it has a suction cup so you can have it closer and stick it on the wall of the shower. It works with bluetooth so rest assured, if your mobile phone can't get wet nothing happens, it can stay out of the way. And as you can see, this donut-shaped speaker has just conquered for its fun and original design. Now it only remains to enter the shower or take a dip and that the music does not stop.

Size: 11,6 x 11,6 x 5,5 cm