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Speaker bluetooth - Unicorns

Speaker bluetooth - Unicorns
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Is there anything closer to fantasy than being able to listen to your favourite playlist wherever you are? Probably not. That's why you are going to love this Mr. Wonderful speaker. It works through bluetooth, which makes it practical as well as the fact that you can play the music you want, wherever you want, without worrying about cables or having the phone connected to the speaker all the time. But what really makes this bluetooth speaker different and special is its design, featuring unicorns.
The most wonderful character of all par excellence is the unicorn. For this reason, we couldn’t possibly not feature it on this speaker. As you can see in the photos, it is super stylish. And there’s nothing it doesn’t have, really, because it also comes with a very practical strap so you can take it with you up and down and wherever you want to go without fear of dropping it. And I wish we could show you how it sounds here, because if you love its design, once you listen to your favourite music through this speaker, you will fall in love. The most amazing speaker in history is here and you are just one click away from getting it.

Size: 4 x 4 x 4,3 cm