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Space Vibes stud earrings

Space Vibes stud earrings
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The time has finally come! We’ve got everything prepared to start our long-awaited space expedition. Rockets polished, spacesuits looking sharp (we all know that space exploration calls for plenty of selfies) and we’re ready to give it our all to infinity and beyooond. But wait, we can’t forget our accessories, every look needs that “extra” touch. Here we have some earrings that we’ve decided to include in the new Mr. Wonderful jewellery collection and which will have any fashion-lover falling head over heels in love with them, especially the type who are capable of turning any smile and any sign of happiness into the latest trend. These earrings are in the shape of planets, with one in pink and the other in blue they are perfect for those looks that need an extra touch of joy. They are made of high-quality material and as such, they’re resistant and keep allergic reactions at bay. Apart from aaalll that, they’re the perfect gift for special occasions and a treat for anyone who’s special (or spatial) to you… the ones who are out of this world!

1 x 1cm

Stud earrings made in silver and enamel-coloured stainless steel. Set includes two different earrings. Hinged back or stud closure.

In order to best protect this product, it is advisable not to wet it with water.

Includes free elastic bracelet in a presentation box and exclusive bag from the collection.