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Space Vibes hoop earrings

Space Vibes hoop earrings
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Right, let’s blast off to outer space, we’ll put our foot down at the Milky Way and then cross tons of galaxies to visit planets that have been left undiscovered up until now, but hey, who’d have known that they’d be fantastic too! And why did we do all that? Well, to get some inspiration to create our fantastic pair of earrings so you can both look amazing and be on top of your game for any occasion – you’re going to rock everyone’s world (or galaxies)! These earrings have been designed in the shape of a planet and a star and are authentically Mr. Wonderful; meaning that they are cute and smiley... and always inspirational and happy. With the planet in pink and the star in golden tones they form an eye-catching and original pair, and which are also suitable for dreamers and winners of all ages. They are made in a high-quality material so they keep allergies at bay, and also have an elegant and resistant finish which can be paired with any look or occasion. So, don’t wait any longer, it’s time to take a trip around the galaxy! Now, where did I leave my rocket ship?

2,3 x 1,4 cm

Mr. Wonderful planet and star hoop earrings, made in silver-coloured stainless steel with a shiny and coloured enamel effect. Hinged back or stud closure.

In order to best protect this product, it is advisable not to wet it with water.

Includes free elastic bracelet in a presentation box and exclusive bag from the collection.