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Space Vibes Bracelet - Planets

Space Vibes Bracelet - Planets
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You’re going to go really far in life… as far as you decide! It’s up to you how far you go, and it all depends on how much will and effort you put into it. So, take a deep breath, close your eyes and just imagine how far you’d like to go. Once you’ve done that, jump up out of bed and get moving! Every day is a great day to start heading towards that goal you’ve wanted to set yourself for a long time; to take the first step in that project you’ve been dreaming about for ages; or to try reaching that objective you juuuust keep missing again.
And of course, your brand-new pals will be there to support you, these super friendly planets have got each other and they’re willing to cross the galaxy for you if needs be. That’s why this galactic bracelet is the perfect surprise gift for that lovely friend, colleague or cousin who needs a little push to head towards achieving their dreams. Made of stainless steel and cotton, its pastel colours and sliding knot make it an easy accessory for any wardrobe, aaand its comfortable to wear and is just as special as its owner. Some would say that it’s a charming bracelet that’s out of this world!

13 x 2cm

Cotton bracelet with sliding knot, featuring Mr. Wonderful planets in shiny-enamel, silver-coloured stainless steel.

Includes free elastic bracelet in a presentation box and exclusive bag from the collection

In order to best protect this product, it is advisable not to wet it with water.