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Soft Toy Saro Baby by Mr. Wonderful - Unicorn

Soft Toy Saro Baby by Mr. Wonderful - Unicorn
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There are some toys that are impossible to forget. Perhaps it's because they stay with us and we keep them as our little treasures through our infancy, perhaps because our family members take the task of photographing us with them very, very seriously. So, that's why we know that it's super important to choose the toys that are going to accompany our baby through their first years of life extremely well. And of course, if it just so happens to be a Mr. Wonderful toy , well that's even better! That's why we've got right to work to design and create a sturdy, fun and adorable toy that is also an adorable unicorn! So, to do so, we partnered up with an expert in this field: Saro Baby, a company that has assisted parents in taking care of their children since 1976 by providing practical solutions that can be adapted to suit their age group and set on developing their mental growth. In this case, we've created an adorable toy that is super soft to the touch and is sure enough going to be your baby's best friend, watching over them every naptime, snacktime and accompanying them on all their worldly adventures. On top of that, it comes with crinkly paper inside, to encourage baby's natural curiosity and it can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

- 12 x 23 x 10cm

- Unicorn soft toy that baby can cuddle and play with. With crinkly paper inside to encourage baby's natural curiosity. Clean by wiping with a damp cloth.