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Soft Toy Mr. Wonderful x Saro - Star

Soft Toy Mr. Wonderful x Saro - Star
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Ladies and gentlemen, it's with greatest pleasure that we present to you a product that is beyond adorable…a cuddly toy in the shape of a star! A toy that was designed especially with babies in mind because it's super soft, super cuddly and it comes with lots of details that your baby is going to absolutely adore. It comes with crinkly paper inside - a feature that was included to harvest baby's natural curiosity and to give it that something extra.
Being such a sweet soft toy does have its consequences... like, for example, when the children won't be able to stop cuddling it or put it down. And the fact that it's more than likely that this little guy will go on to be baby's best friend and sidekick for every naptime, snacktime and adventure time.
This product has it all - a classic, Mr. Wonderful-style design thanks to one of our most popular characters, the star. And on the other hand, its high quality is thanks to the fact that Saro Baby is a brand that specialises in creating products like this. So there you have it, out of all the soft toys there are... this one really is a star product!

19 x 21 x 6 cm

- Clean with a damp cloth.