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Small notebook - Stay magical

Small notebook - Stay magical
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If you look closely you can see the signs: they are everywhere. Open your eyes and pay attention: that day that starts with cloud cover thicker than your duvet in January and, just as you are leaving the house, it clears up and the sunshine is brighter than ever. That unbeatable feeling of satisfaction when you thought you were late but the class had not started yet. That treat that fell down all by itself as you were looking at the vending machine … It is all a matter of attitude!

And just see the attitude of these pandas who have swapped their growls for a unicorn's cry of delight: wiiiiiiiiiii! This pocket notebook is ideal to carry everywhere and the glittery cover will remind you that, if you dream, put your mind to it and make an effort, truly magical things worth noting down are going on around you.

Size: 21 x 16 x 1,3 cm

- Pocket notebook with PVC and glitter cover
- 120 pages
- Inside pocket