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Slim AirPods box - Avocados

Slim AirPods box - Avocados
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Toast with avocado, salad with avocado, scrambled egg with avocado ... So, you can see that the options are endless when it comes to what we can make with the superfood of the season. That is why we like it so much, because it is delicious and also very nutritious. Well, and because when illustrated by Mr. Wonderful, it has also become a most friendly and cheerful character of our repertoire. And the good vibes it gives off have helped us to decorate all kinds of products and, now, a great carry case to transport your precious AirPod earphones wherever you go. Luckily, it is a case that always comes out looking great, because in addition to it being practical, hard-bodied and lightweight, it is the coolest thing you’ll see today. It will allow you to carry your AirPods and keep them really well protected and, in addition to that, it’s personalised with a touch of originality that is sure to make you smile a lot every time you see it. So, this case will be the place in your bag or backpack where you can always keep the earphones you use to listen to your favourite songs every day handy and safe, especially those songs that make you feel great even on a rainy and early Monday morning. Of course! Remember that at Mr. Wonderful we have other technological temptations available that are just waiting to go home with you. Don’t miss out!

Size: 6 x 5,5 x 3,2 cm