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Set of two diary covers - Wonderful feelings inside

Set of two diary covers - Wonderful feelings inside
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The Mr. Wonderful agenda has already become one of the products that most characterizes us and of course we, who are passionate about the world of stationery, love it. For this reason, in addition to our famous diary we are keen to add Wonder accessories to the family. Now you can find kits and sets to personalize and pamper your diary just like it deserves. This set of two diary covers is one of these accessories which we love the most, since apart from them being beautiful, they will take care of ensuring that your agenda remains as perfect as the first day you received it.
The set contains two different but equally useful, practical and beautiful covers. They are designed and made with different materials, one being fabric and the other transparent plastic. From here on you set the rules and decide if you want to use them together or individually. Whatever you like best and are most comfortable with. Fits your diary perfectly!

Size: 30.5 x 24.5 x 0.2 cm