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Set of two A5 notebooks - Being yourself

Set of two A5 notebooks - Being yourself

Since our inception, at Mr. Wonderful we have set ourselves many challenges, but one of the most important is to accept, value and love the person you are or decide to be. Because being you is the best thing you can ever be. For this reason, this fantastic set of 2 notebooks has us in love, because its messages come with a lot of power and its design ... well, you can see in the images, it is the best of the best! And it is a set that contains 2 notebooks, both A5 size, a size that will allow you to take them everywhere inside your bag or backpack without worrying that they will take up too much space. In addition, binded with staples, they are comfortable, practical and very light, ideal for carrying up and down without being too heavy. Inside each one, you have up to 64 squared pages so you can organize your doodles, ideas, to-do lists and everything you want to write down. And, although all these perks are very convincing, what we really love is their style, which is impossible to go unnoticed.

Size: 15 x 21 x 1,3 cm

Set of 2 A5 notebooks with stitched binding and motivational phrases. Each of them has 64 squared pages.

Set of two A5 notebooks
Set of two A5 notebooks - Being yourself