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Set of two A4 notebooks - Contains Friday feeling

Set of two A4 notebooks - Contains Friday feeling
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There's an old but proven trick to maintaining your excitement and willingness to give it your all from the beginning of the academic year to the end. If you want, we'll tell you what it is: new school material! And given that here at Mr. Wonderful we are real stationery lovers, we are coming to you with a whole host of new goodies to make every day of the academic year a breeze! With Sketch-style messages and designs, that bring good vibes and joy wherever they go, we present these awesome notebooks.
You're going to love them! Because this set of two A4-sized notebooks is capable of cheering you up, even on Mondays. Each one comes with 64 pages ready to be filled with notes, exercises, crazy ideas and whatever else you want. Both are paperbacks with soft covers and staple binding. They also have squared paper, making it a doddle to organise yourself from corner to corner. Not only that, but their messages bring almost as much power as you have inside you. Now it's time to decide what you're going to use them for. Maybe for your favourite subjects, or for the ones that you find more of a drag... don't worry, whatever it's for, we're letting you know that no matter what goes inside them... you're going to nail it!

Notebooks size: 21 x 29,7 x 0,4 cm (DIN A4)