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Set of 6 pencils with never-ending batteries

Set of 6 pencils with never-ending batteries
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Mobile OFF, fab ideas ON! Every now and again it’s a luxury to be able to disconnect a bit from technology, forget that the local café has free wifi and really make the most of days with #nofilter. But how? But exchanging infinite conversations on Whatsapp with your friends for an afternoon picnic in the park, switching up likes for face-to-face compliments, replacing the 582 selfie attempts for a moment spent thinking about the beauty all around us and of course, writing down your dreams, goals and ideas. So, we have the perfect thing for you to be economical with your data but generous with your ideas.
This set of six pencils will be great for you to write down all the things that come to mind, but you never say out loud. Spread them out around your house or in class, in your office or in the secret pocket inside your backpack so that you always have at least one handy for times when you might need it. That way, not even the “free up storage space” notifications popping up on your phone or the fact you left your charger in the house will be enough to worry you – and the lucky thing is that these pencils will never run out of battery!

Pack of 6 pencils with an eraser on one end and motivational messages. Extra eraser included.