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Set of 6 coloured pens - Do it with love

Set of 6 coloured pens - Do it with love
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Your ideas are so cool that they really ought to be labelled and displayed in full view so that everyone can see them. You agree with us, right? Well if the answer is “yes, absolutely” then we have something that you are surely going to love: a set of nothing more and nothing less than six Mr. Wonderful pens. Cool, right? Well wait, because that's not all. On this occasion we have decided that black, red and blue inks are very good, of course, but sometimes life asks for a little more colour… and that's what we are here for. For this reason, this set of six pens comes with some of the most special inks, and is that, in addition to being bright, cheerful and very very beautiful colours, they have a fluoro finish that will be the distinctive point that will take your previously lovely notes to the next level in the swipe of a pen. Highlighting titles, decorating less than interesting pages, writing in your precious and beloved Mr. Wonderful diary to make the final result at the end of the year more than spectacular, sending notes to your friends... for whatever you want, this set of six coloured pens by Mr. Wonderful is the bee’s knees!

- 17,5 x 10 x 0,1cm