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Set of 4 super cuddly plush keyrings

Set of 4 super cuddly plush keyrings

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With this set of 4 keyrings, even unlocking the front door will be a treat. It’s our pleasure to present you: the cuddliest keyrings in the whole wide world! Each one with a totally different character:

- Pandicorn keyring
- Caticorn keyring
- Unicorn keyring
- Sloth keyring

But each one has something in common: they are super original and adorable. Whether you’re giving them to a family member as a gift, sharing them out amongst your group of friends or just switching up your keyring as if it were any other accessory, this set of plush keyrings is going to win hearts left and right. Thanks to their adorable design and their softness and squishiness, you’re going to become the talk of the town when you stroll around with these babies attached to your backpack. Because, not only are they great for helping you locate your keys, you can attach them to the bag of your choice. It doesn’t matter where you take them, you’re going to knock people’s socks off regardless.
But hang on! Not so fast. We have another surprise that you’re going to love... with this set you get 4 keyrings and on top of that, we’ll gift you a sweet milkshake pen so that you can write down your most delicious ideas. Sounds good, no?
Well, make way, ladies and gents – this keyring set is too cool to be passed up!