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Set of 4 magnetic clips to organise your papers

Set of 4 magnetic clips to organise your papers
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You are super concentrated, focused on giving it your all, immersed in reading those notes that you have had so much trouble taking, or in that very interesting book that you cannot stop devouring, when suddenly something distracts you and catches your attention. There is no other choice, you have to close the book or drop the notes for a moment, there is simply nothing else you can do. But wait, how are you going to know where you last left off? If you just get up and go, you’ll lose your place... You have no other option, you have to fold the corner of the page to find the point where you got to before the distraction. Does this story sound familiar to you? It has happened to you more than once… and probably more than twice, hasn’t it? Well, don't worry, because here comes Mr. Wonderful to the rescue, ready to help you once more and make your task easier. You just need this beautiful set of four magnetic bookmarks, each more colourful and fun than the last, to help you never lose the thread again. Take the page that you have reached and mark it with the help of one of these four friendly characters: our happy star, our delicious avocado, our sweet milkshake or our dearest little Wonder heart. You will love them!

- 3,8 x 7,8 x 0,1cm - Set of 4 magnetic bookmarks with shapes and/or print of Mr. Wonderful characters.