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Set of 3 toiletries bags - Look how I shine!

Set of 3 toiletries bags - Look how I shine!

The only thing you need to shine and dazzle the entire world wherever you go, is one thing... to always be yourself! Believe that you are incredible and that will be your greatest trick, both for beauty and to fulfil dreams without stopping. For everything else, those potions that you like to have close to to pamper your skin, your essentials to go out and slay day in and day out, or the makeup that you wear when you want to give yourself a makeover to rival a television show, this set of three toiletry bags by Mr. Wonderful will be great for you. Yes, yes, you read that correctly, three instead of one, each one more beautiful than the next. Keep everything you need in them and arrange them as you see fit so that you never lose anything and always find what you are looking for in record time. Now the excuses for being late are over, let's see if the "five minutes and I'm here" thing starts to be true. In addition to that, as they have a zip closure, these three toiletry bags are perfect to take anywhere, be it in your backpack, bag or suitcase without worrying about anything getting away from you. Wow, they have everything that makes a toiletry bag great but multiplied by three, wahoo!

Features: Size: 23x15x8,5 cm

Do not wash (stains can be removed by rubbing gently with a damp cloth).
Do not put in the dryer.
Do not use bleach. Do not iron.

Set de 3 neceseres - Look how I shine!
Set of 3 toiletries bags - Look how I shine!