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Set of 3 candles for you to shine as only you know

Set of 3 candles for you to shine as only you know
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You don't need anything to help you shine, but these cute candles will look amazing in your favourite spot in the house and create the most homely and cosy atmosphere. You can play about with them to decorate different spots in your house, separate them and put one on each shelf, or put them all together, however you like them best. The messages on these candles will fill your days with happiness and great energy, and their fantastic aromas with citrus, sweet, and floral tones will ensure you are completely relaxed and have the "I'm too cosy at home" mode switched on.
On top of that the three candles are presented in three different coloured glasses, which, once the candles have run out, can be used as decorative items thanks to their elegant and sweet design. It doesn't matter how small these glasses are, when using them as decorative items they'll turn any house into a true home. Of course, these candles are also the perfect gift for birthdays or any other special occasion; there's a reason they sell like hotcakes. Don't wait another minute and make these candles your own; they can't wait to give that Wonderful touch to your favourite place in the world: your home.

Set of three aromatic candles presented in coloured glasses.
Aromas: Sweet Lemon, Floral Feeling, and Vanilla Dream.

- Do not leave lit candles unattended.
- Keep away from children and pets.
- Leave at least 10 cm between each candle.
- Do not light near flammable items.