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Set of 2 individual placemats

Set of 2 individual placemats
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Dish of the day: lots of love and an extra large helping of happiness. I'll take it all! And with this set of two individual placemats with fun and original designs, your desire to devour the world will be served piping hot and your days of doing so will look much brighter. So, get revving up your appetite and discover your new favourite gift item from Mr. Wonderful and their collaboration with Balvi. These two individual placemats are practical, useful, easy to keep clean, resistant and above all, more irresistible than your favourite pudding made by mum. Each one comes with a unique design and a different motivational message. So, your house specials are about to be taken to the very next level because we believe that a pleasurable eating experience doesn't just lie in the food itself, but also the atmosphere and the presentation.
Choose this set of two individual placemats to surprise your favourite personal chef, to treat that special person to a dinner for two or to challenge your BFF to a masterchef-level cooking contest. It doesn't matter who, what matters is finding the perfect occason (or creating it) and pouring your heart and soul into it to make sure it turns out perfectly. If your recipes are good, these placemats will take them to the next level.

29,2 x 40 x 0,04 cm
116 gr.