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Salt and pepper shakers - Sushi

Salt and pepper shakers - Sushi
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Pure, unadulterated passion, 100 % motivation and lots of flavour are the three secret ingredients to make any recipe come out a success every time and to put you in the chef hall of fame forever! The first two depend on you and that natural flair for life that you have. And we'll take care of the third one, with this incredible product that would make a perfect gift: a set of salt and pepper shakers by Mr. Wonderful in collaboration with Balvi... that just so happen to be in the shape of pieces of sushi. Cuteness overload in 3, 2, 1...! Also included is a little wooden tray with a positive message to make you smile at life as if it were your food coming in a restaurant, an adorable maki and a uramaki will be the main characters of your five-star culinary creations and the centre of everybody's attention. Because aside from being practical and cute, we need to give credit to how cute they've turned out. So, to the table with them!
A fun and tasty element to jazz up fun dinners with friends, that would also make an incredible gift for work colleagues, family members, housewarmings, when someone you know goes to university, or if you're doing secret Santa in your workplace. So don't overthink things - give in to your cravings and order sushi for dinner... and this salt and pepper shaker set will help you feast on life and the wonders in it.

4cm x 4,5cm x 4cm