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Salt and pepper shakers - Avocado

Salt and pepper shakers - Avocado
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Life has more flavour when you know how to season it properly. But above all, it looks even better when you know how to enjoy it in good company. Now, this product we're showing you right here is probably the perfect representation of what we've just tried to explain to you. Because it's a salt and pepper cruet set in the shape of avocado halves that fit together better than any puzzle pieces ever could.
And thanks to their originality, their high-quality materials and their adorable aesthetic, they would make the perfect gift for a friend who has just moved into their new home, they're ideal for adding a bit of flavour to your favourite recipes with your favourite person or for jazzing up your cabinet ornaments. Created by Balvi, a brand that makes homeware utensils and accessories that are high-quality, they are made from a durable ceramic that you can use freely with no worry. And if you need another reason to make sure these babies find themselves a happy home in your kitchen, it's that it doesn't matter who you share your culinary creations with - with you everything goes together perfectly and these salt and pepper shakers are no exception. So go on, avo good look and take these adorable kitchen friends home with you!

7 x 5 x 2,5 cm