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Sack bag - Go for it!

Sack bag - Go for it!

Every course is an opportunity to discover new adventures, learn new skills and have lots of good times. Because there are many months, days and hours we invest during the course to get the best from teachers, classmates... and even school supplies! And there are accessories that go with us wherever we go and for which we develop a special attachment. We are talking about our beloved backpacks.
At Mr. Wonderful we wanted to design these backpacks by taking two fundamental elements into account: design and versatility. So, we present this great bag-type backpack made out of resistant polyester and decorated with metal pins that add an original touch of colour and sophistication. It also includes the motivational message: “Go for it!”. A wake-up call asking us to give our all at all times and in any situation, we find ourselves in. The backpack also has several interior and exterior compartments that make it even more practical. It can be used for class and all kinds of activities: field trips, sports, extracurricular events, etc. An unmissable basic!

Hand wash in cold water.
Do not use bleach or put in the dryer.
Do not iron.

Sack bag - Go for it!				Mochila saco - Go for it!
Sack bag - Go for it!