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Refill pad for ring binder

Refill pad for ring binder

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We're positive that you have an almost inifinte number of fantastic ideas to write down. A whole host of crazy thoughts, amazing projects and thousands of sheets' worth of notes that will help you absolutely nail each and every one of your subjects. Kind of goes without saying, really... And, so that you never end up without space, nor paper to note down all these things, here at Mr. Wonderful we have knuckled down to work and added a basic to our collection of stationery products that is even more adorable and inspirational: refill sheets for ring binders. No less than 80 squared sheets of paper that will help you keep beautiful handwriting at all times. These refill sheets are perforated and fit perfectly inside the Mr. Wonderful folders and binders we have, and generally inside any of the models that have 4 rings that you can find on the market. On top of that, the sheets have a touch of Mr. Wonderful design magic to really spruce them up and make them even more special: an adorable and recognisable character that wants to pop out and say hi, but only once you open the packet and go to fill them up with all those brilliant ideas swimming around in your brain.

Pack of 80 squared refill sheets for ring binders with 4 holes. They fit perfectly inside the Mr. Wonderful folders, with a standard distance. Contains Mr. Wonderful-esque design touch. Weight of paper: 80g.

Size: 21 x 29.7 cm