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Power bank - Peace, love & battery

Power bank - Peace, love & battery
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You are just about to receive an important message. You know it is going to arrive any second and then your phone battery suddenly goes and dies on you. First and foremost, stay calm. Don't get worked up. Remember the peace and love hippies talked about in the 60s and add a bit of charge with this external battery.

See how you get your smile and good mood back when your phone comes back on again.

Put some extra charge in your device wherever you may be with this power bank you can easily charge in a power socket. Ideal for smartphones, tablets, e-books and digital cameras.

- Li-ion battery compatible with all kind of digital devices with Micro USB charging hub (tablets, e-books, smartphones, digital cameras, mp3/4...)
- Micro USB - USB cable included.
- High performance. Smart usage system: avoids overcharging/overdischarging, overheating and short circuits. The battery is charged, ready to use.

Capacity: 2.600mAh
Input: DC 5.0V -800mA (Max)
Output: DC 5.0V -1000mA
Size: 90 x 25 x 25 mm
Weight: 64 gr